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Raider Quality

Raider Marine Inflatable Boats

Raider Boats are hand-crafted to ensure that even the smallest details are considered. This results in a full line of boats designed to provide our customers with the exeptional quality they deserve. 
Airtight and superior durability, the Raider PVC fabric has undergone intrinsic testing to ensure the perfection of its components.  The toughness of the raw materials, the airtightness and tear resistance of the welds are checked by a full range of test that surpass the levels to which the boat is exposed to during daily use.
New for 2016 Raider Marine Boats will be available with Mehler VALMEX® PVC.  Regarded as the best PVC available for inflatables boats, German made Mehler PVC offers superior puncture, abrasion and UV resistance.

Raider Marine Manufacturing follows ISO9001 instruction:

1) Raw material inspection and test

2) Process control

3) Final production inspection








Raider Inflatable boats are safer, lighter and more economical compared to traditional boats. Why choose Raider?


-Their lightweight design makes it easier to maneuver and dock




-Large tubes and innovative forward hull design provide a much drier and smoother ride than traditional boats




-Offers more stability, load capacity and comfort than heavier traditional boats




-Sturdy tubes are less prone to damage than traditional fiberglass boats when making contact with docks and other boats




-Achieve superior performance and speed with far less horsepower than traditonal boats